By David Gerrold

ISBN-10: 0553277820

ISBN-13: 9780553277821

With the human inhabitants ravaged through a chain of devastating plagues, the alien Chtorr arrive to start the ultimate part in their invasion. while many on the earth deny their lifestyles, the enormous wormlike carnivores organize the area for the final word violation--the enslavement of humanity for food!

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Remembering how he had lifted the ancient skull and turned it to face the wall, Brother Francis suddenly feared the wrath of Heaven. Emily Leibowitz had vanished from the face of the Earth at the beginning of the Flame Deluge, and only after many years would her widower admit that she was dead. It was said that God, in order to test mankind which had become swelled with pride as in the time of Noah, had commanded the wise men of that age, among them the Blessed Leibowitz, to devise great engines of war such as had never before been upon the Earth, weapons of such might that they contained the very fires of Hell, and that God had suffered these magi to place the weapons in the hands of princes, and to say to each prince: "Only because the enemies have such a thing have we devised this for thee, in order that they may know that thou hast it also, and fear to strike.

With him were several Dominicans. " Also, to investigate such evidence as the abbey could produce that might have a bearing on the case, including--to the abbot's dismay--reports of an alleged apparition of the Beatus which had, so travelers said, come to one Francis Gerard of Utah, AOL. The Saint's advocate was warmly greeted by the monks, was quartered in the rooms reserved for visiting prelates, was lavishly served by six young novices instructed to be responsive to his every whim, although, as it turned out, Monsignor Aguerra was a man of few whims, to the disappointment of would-be caterers.

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