By John Considine and Elizabeth Frankish (Auth.)

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This is so whether those are flavors or flavor precursors in their own right or simply basic metabolites such as sugars and amino acids. The only wines that have a character readily identified in the unfermented juice are those of the ‘muscat’ family in which a class of aroma compounds called terpenes is substantially evident in the berry and also in the wine. For the larger part, it is difficult to predict the aroma profile of a wine from that of the unfermented must or intact berry. It is the subtle transformation of minute quantities of chemicals that imparts the sensory experience of a wine.

The hydroxyl groups are reactive, can be oxidized or esterified or form glycosidic linkages generating considerable diversity of composition and arrangements. ), the gallic acids are generally cross-linked, whereas in the gallotannins they are not. Gallic acid is also a minor component of grape seeds. Oak lactone, which exists as two isomers and is also known as ‘whiskey’ lactone, is a component of the aroma profile of beverages matured in oak, but is not a phenolic. , 1997). 13). 12 Examples of the oak-derived heartwood tannins, phenolics and other secondary products found in wines stored in contact with oak.

7). 8). , 2007). They are yellowish with absorption maxima in the ultraviolet of approximately 255 and 370 nm. Flavonols occur mainly in the skin and are thought to be a response to ultraviolet light, possibly a protectant. 8 Flavonols from a selection of red and white cultivars grown in the one location, under one management system and harvested at similar maturity. , 2006). 4 Wine Chemistry 31 Tannins Tannins are the most complex phenolics in grapes and wine. Terminology is therefore an issue and not always consistent.

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