By Groves M.D., Haragus M.

This text offers a rigorous lifestyles thought for small-amplitude threedimensional vacationing water waves. The hydrodynamic challenge is formulated as an infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian procedure within which an arbitrary horizontal spatial course is the timelike variable. Wave motions which are periodic in a moment, various horizontal course are detected utilizing a centre-manifold aid approach in which the matter is diminished to a in the community identical Hamiltonian approach with a finite variety of levels of freedom.

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AND PRODI, G. 1995. A Primer of Nonlinear Analysis, paperback ed. P. (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics 34). , AND GROVES, M. D. 1999. A multiplicity result for solitary gravity-capillary waves in deep water via critical-point theory. Arch. Ratl. Mech. Anal. 146, 183–220. , GROVES, M. , AND TOLAND, J. F. 1996. A plethora of solitary gravity-capillary water waves with nearly critical Bond and Froude numbers. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London A 354, 575–607. , AND NICHOLLS, D. P. 2000. Traveling two and three dimensional capillary gravity water waves.

After normalising eq0 and modifying f q0 by the addition of a suitable multiple of eq0 if necessary, one finds that {eq0 , f q0 , e¯q0 , f¯q0 } is a basis for E iq ⊕ E −iq such that (eq0 , f¯q0 ) = 1, ( f q0 , e¯q0 ) = −1, and the symplectic product of any other combination of basis vectors is zero. The complex coordinates A, B in the e and f directions are canonical coordinates for E iq ⊕ E −iq , and the action of ¯ − B). ¯ the reverser R on this space is (A, B) → ( A, Purely imaginary eigenvalues in higher Fourier modes occur in pairs ±is, where Lesn einz = isesn einz , L e¯sn e−inz = −is e¯sn e−inz .

For any pair (β, α) on the line α + γ˜ 2 β = (sin θ2 κ + sin θ1 ν)2 , γ˜ tanh γ˜ where γ˜ 2 = κ 2 + ν 2 + 2 cos(θ1 − θ2 )νκ, and which does not belong to the curve C1 or any of the lines 2 α + γ˜m,n β= (m sin θ2 κ + n sin θ1 ν)2 , γ˜m,n tanh ˜ m,n (m, n) ∈ N0 × N0 \{(1, 1)}, 2 where γ˜m,n = m 2 κ 2 + n 2 ν 2 + 2 cos(θ1 − θ2 )mnνκ, the reduced equations on the centre manifold possess a periodic orbit on the energy surface { H˜ C0 = } for each sufficiently small value of > 0. Each of these periodic orbits corresponds to a travelling water wave that is periodic in x and z with frequencies respectively near κ and equal to ν.

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A Bifurcation Theory for Three-Dimensional Oblique Travelling Gravity-Capillary Water Waves by Groves M.D., Haragus M.

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